Stand close to people who feel like Sunshine.” Anonymous

One of the biggest blessings in my life has been the best group of girlfriends that anyone could ever ask for. I have many people that support me, pray for me, encourage and love me. Truly, I am blessed beyond measure. I’ve also had the extreme privilege of raising my sons (three teenage boys currently) alongside a tribe of incredible women. How we met and formed a sisterly bond that will stand the test of time is a tribute to God’s goodness. There are four of us (Laura, Jane, Amy and yours truly) and as we navigate the adventure that is parenthood we are thick as thieves, stronger than the Ya-Ya’s and closer than traveling pants. In 17 years, I can’t recall a time when they weren’t by my side (and vice versa) raising our 13 kids in all. They are second mothers to my boys, women we can count on and I want to be like each of them when I grow up. Strong women of faith who give great advice, have the best shoulders to cry on and can make you laugh so hard there is a dribble of pee running down your leg (Amy). They are my Anthem for strong women, faith, trust, courage, and bravery to face the challenges of life. I would never want to do this life without them.

In the beginning, we called ourselves Playgroup. All of our oldest children are the same age. I remember going to restaurants where we would get out our recycled paper placemats (the table was way too dirty for our little darlings to eat off of) coat the kids in purell (because you know…germs) and order our organic yogurts and whole grain sandwiches for our angels (because of you know…preservatives). I remember getting to playgroup once on the verge of tears because my son had just measured 28 inches long and my car seat only accommodated a 26 inch long baby (for shame)! I was really jealous of Jane because her car seat had a really cool carrying strap and could accommodate darling Veronica until she was 29 inches long (what a great mom). I long for the days when we were only worried about making it to music class on time and where we were going out afterward.

Now we use the term “playgroup” to talk about a function or get together that includes the husbands and the children. When it’s just the four of us we are “Baker’s Dozen” ie: mom’s on the loose with 13 kids at home with the dads. Bakers Dozen doesn’t happen as much as I would like it too. As the kids get older we find ourselves busier which is funny because I always thought I was pretty busy taking care of three boys under the age of four. I cherish this time with my girls and when Playgroup gets together nothing warms my heart more than to see all 13 kids running, laughing and hanging out together. I’ve been able to watch my tribe grow up. Next year the “oldest” will be seniors in high school. So hard to believe…I’m so proud of them and could burst into tears simultaneously (time…you cruel beast).

Laura, Jane, and Amy- thank you for being my rock, my sanity, my soul mates. I don’t know what I did to deserve friends like you but I thank God every day for you.

Proverbs 27:9- A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Indeed it does!





Author: kristinlehr

Jesus junkie, Give me all the dogs, Boy mom, Dragon Slayer. INDIANA!! Author of The Squirrel Family Acorn and One Smooth Stone. Wife to the Amazing Chip!

3 thoughts on “Playgroup”

  1. Amazing grace! and Hallelujah! What a tribute to friendship! SO blessed to have been together during these years and into the future!


  2. Love this💕! I miss you guys. Seems like forever since we’ve all been together. Thanks for helping me remember how special our playgroup really is💕.


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